When the future of your organization changes based on today’s numbers, tomorrow’s events or next month’s economic shift, you need a culture of resilience and flexibility across finance, the C-suite and all your lines of business. CCH Tagetik unifies budgets and plans using real-time data to future-proof your organization. Transform forward-looking processes from archaic to modern, manual to automated and error-prone to sure-fire with our unified CPM solution.



  • Top Down or Bottom Up: Create plans your way based on unique business drivers, products, divisions or LoBs. Choose from a library of industry specific drivers and templates.
  • Modelling and What-if Analysis: Project future plans and play out what-if scenarios – like product launches or acquisitions – to see impacts on the P&L, cash flow or balance sheet.
  • Scenarios, Snapshots & Versions: Easily create snapshots to compare multiple scenarios and adjust drivers and assumptions to determine the best business outcome.
  • Financial Intelligence: Improve insights with double-entry logic, currency translation, management, legal and regulatory roll-ups, unlimited multi-currency and interest support.
  • Drill Down into Details: Set materiality thresholds and drill down into variances in real-time even down to the transaction level.
  • Allocations: See driver-based and waterfall allocations across multiple levels. Assign indirect, direct and activity based costs while using financial, statistical, historical or custom drivers.
  • Cash Flow Planning & Forecasting: Built-in functionality allows you to monitor the cash-in/cashout and the impact on financial and Sales & Operations Plans (S&OP).
  • Rolling Forecasts: Quickly build periodic (including 13 month or 53 week) and rolling forecasts that combine data from plans, budgets and actuals automatically to quickly respond to market conditions as they emerge.
  • Long Range Planning: Develop long-term, top-down corporate strategies – that include large expenditures, cash investments or acquisitions – to set targets that drive short-term, bottom-up tactical budgets.
  • Advanced Hierarchy Management: Create unlimited hierarchies and rollups, for any timeframe.
  • Cross Process Capabilities: Connect models, plans, budgets, actuals, reports and LoBs.



  • Unified, easy-to-use, end-to-end planning.
  • Fewer iterations reduce the days required in the budgeting cycle.
  • Confidence in a single version of the truth across all plans and budgets.
  • Better business continuity with one set of data and fewer systems.
  • Built-in financial intelligence to address the simplest and most complex planning requirements.
  • Complete traceability and accountability from start to finish.